RIP “Pussy Poppin’ Princess”

Time to close those legs and open that heart. There comes a point where a vacation, one night stands, roller coasters and exotic foods will lose its enticing factor. When arms are the source of warmth that you crave for and love is the passion you want. When its time to come home, not to a house but to the person you adore.


I was made of paper. Rippable. Burnable. You could crumple me and poke holes in me.

I wanted to be made of glass. You could shatter me but I would have the power to cut you. I would be transparent, you could see through me so I would never have to hide. To lie. I would be stronger.

But wishes aren’t the same as goals. No matter how hard I try or efforts are put in, life will never work in my favor. Not this time.